Augmented Reality/ Immersive Experience

Augmented Reality/ Immersive Experience

Clients: NHM, Science Museum, Factory 42, intu
Clients: NHM, Science Museum, Factory 42, intu
Project Info

Natural History Museum & intu Metrocentre, Newcastle, 2020.

The two-year development project is being funded by a grant from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), as part of the wider Audiences of the Future initiative to maintain the leading position of the UK’s cultural sector as the most ground-breaking in the world. The multidisciplinary consortium focuses on creating immersive experiences in which exhibits come to life, allowing visitors to have exciting, interactive encounters with, for example, robots or dinosaurs.

The project, under the co-creative direction of The Almeida Theatre and Factory 42, combines the latest mixed reality technology from Magic Leap with immersive theatre, to create two separate adventure game visitor experiences, exploring multi-sensory and truly interactive worlds. In the iconic rooms of the Natural History Museum and Science Museum, visitors will play detective roles and meet and interact with a cast of digital characters, from androids and artificial intelligences to velociraptors and fossils. As visitors will be immersed within the narrative, they will be able to react to the characters and shape their own stories. Sampler versions of the experiences will also be made available to visitors to a number of intu shopping centres.


Reimagining Museums for Audiences Of The Future



SterkStudio has been appointed to fabricate and install the experiences of the two phases of the project, and has successfully delivered Phase One Development & Build at the Natural History Museum and intu Metrocentre in Newcastle.
SterkStudio has been coordinating the build of the theatrical sets and the integration of VR and AR cutting-edge technologies within them. Phase Two is currently on hold, but scheduled to be installed in the galleries of the Science Museum & Natural History Museum within the following months.