SterkStudio utilises a wide range of analogue and cutting edge digital fabrication techniques, guided by experts in the field. Our production services include:

  • Woodwork
  • Metalwork
  • CNC cutting & milling, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting
  • Spraying and Finishing processes

To support our capabilities, Sterkstudio embraces an extensive network of suppliers and manufactures across all fields of the industry, whose expertise and quality is fundamental to our projects.

SterkStudio handles with expertise the customised design-to-production paths for each project, and ensures that the specific goals are met cost efficiently and in exceptional quality.

 Digital Fabrication

Fabrication Modeling

SterkStudio implements precision parametric CAD modeling and generative design techniques that enable the realization of complex structural morphologies. The components of the generated models, regardless of their visual complexity, are easy to control and adjust through automated processes. The required information for the fabrication protocols is seamlessly integrated in every single unit of the structure.

SterkStudio focuses on meeting the specific production requirements of each project and leading the optimal sequence of processes to achieve the most resourceful/ best outcome.

Assembly Design

The resourceful realisation of complex structures requires rational and systematic assembly methodologies. SterkStudio explores the project-specific assembly procedures through the informative 3D models and simulations, aiming for a streamlined process that will minimize assembly & installation time and costs.

By utilizing the automated design processes and embedded tools, SterkStudio analyses the structures, generates accurate information for each specific component and provides detailed instructions for prefabricated modules and their assembly onsite.

Fabrication Data Generation

SterkStudio has extensive knowledge in manufacturing technologies, materials and production data exchange processes. We generate digital fabrication data packages in diverse formats, in compliance with the manufacturing requirements of the project. The documentation is ready to export and translate into specific machining operations for the accurate production of the complex components, completing the design-to-production seamless workflow.


SterkStudio utilizes iterative prototyping in various scales and actual materials throughout design and optimization stages, to ensure optimal structural integrity, aesthetics qualities and cost efficiency of the structures.

Prototyping of critical parts of the structure before its full-scale production, is a fundamental tool that enables exploring the morphological expressions and testing the components’ performance. SterkStudio deploys all the key information from the produced prototypes, evaluates in collaboration with structural engineering consultants and enables the optimisation of the actual structure prior to realisation/ fabrication.