Design Development

 Design Consultancy

SterkStudio is dedicated to serve and support each project’s needs throughout all its stages. Considering the scope and the specific constraints, we aim to provide our experience and knowledge from inception and to be upfront with any insights, allowing projects to start with a set of solid parameters and develop through a dynamic path.

We are intrigued by the diversity of every concept, and strive to offer the tailored input each one requires to be realised in exceptional quality.

Following the initial conversations with the stakeholders/ client, we progress into further consultancy as required. Our objective is always effectiveness and our strategy focuses on providing the smooth link between design and fabrication workflows.

 Schematic Design Support

During the development stage of the project, SterkStudio aims to reduce the to and fro time and consequent expense for the client. Schematic designing in close collaboration with the latter allows for exploration and quick demonstration of ideas, often required for approval and advance to the next stage of the project.

We utilise our knowledge in structural design and fabrication methodologies to produce rapid visualisations through 3D modeling software. This approach allows effectively for optimised design decisions and a seamless path into the planning and fabrication phases.

 Parametric Modeling

As digital workflows in design and construction are currently becoming the key to precision, flexibility and optimisation of costs, use of materials and timelines, SterkStudio is dedicated to implement the suitable advanced methodologies to deliver distinctive work.

We combine critical and creative conceptual thinking with computational (algorithm-aided) design and parametric 3D modeling, which enables pattern generation, form and structural optimisation, while simplifying the fabrication process of complex structures. The initially generated 3D model is a work-in-progress interface between the customer’s aspirations for the project and the most efficient way to its realisation.

It is a flexible advanced tool that from the early stages provides fluent information exchange amongst the stakeholders and demonstrates the desirable built outcome. SterkStudio integrates all the critical specifications and factors in the 3D model in the shape of various adjustable parameters, from form finding tools to materials and structural performance.

The degrees of freedom and control within the model provide flexibility for the design scheme and adaptiveness to customer’s aesthetical and technical needs while ensuring the accurate production of each of the final components of the structure.

This bottom-up approach allows for the most economic and sustainable design development-, fabrication- and assembly processes.

 System Design

With regards to complex and multi-layered designs and structures, SterkStudio aims to minimise the costs of production as well as of assembly and installation phases onsite. Therefore, we focus on optimising the organisation of the components and materials while developing the systematic 3D model of the specific structure.

Our approach is based on using rational element based systems that allow for geometric optimisation of the components prior to coherent fabrication processes.

SterkStudio focuses on evolving design and production systems that enable realisation of complex forms on paneling, façade or structural configurations, where the richness of morphological expression is not compromised, but at the same time the customisation of each element is economical - as achieved through adjustable mechanisms implemented across design development and optimisation.

 R & D

Through our large diversity of co-operators in academia and industry fields, SterkStudio is actively engaged in researching and developing novel digital design processes and tools, as well as fabrication methodologies. We aim to challenge our knowledge in generative design, architecture, engineering, as well as digital fabrication by staying passionately connected with the leading professionals in the fields of digital design and manufacturing.