Production Planning

 Project Management

SterkStudio provides an attentive project management methodology throughout all stages of a commission, from conceptualisation to completion on time and within scope and budget. We emphasize on operating within a solid project schedule framework, which integrates all the specific requirements and constraints and ensures accurate and objective monitoring of internal resources and external factors, up to realization.

SterkStudio focuses on clearly defining budgets and timelines, quantifying the resources needed (including labour and material) and identifying tasks and paths to achieve the objectives, while sustaining/ maintaining project’s milestones.

Through this informative planning method and close collaboration with the project's team, we aim to optimize the allocation of resources and integrate the inputs that will drive the exceptional execution of the work.


SterkStudio provides a wide range of visualisation services allowing the client to see the design ideas in high-quality 3D models and inspiring illustrations.

Adapting to each case’s requirements, we inventively apply our skills and toolsets to enable realistic interpretation of the design concepts. Photomontage, sciography renders, 3D simulations, diagrams and architectural 3D rendering are amongst the expressive resources SterkStudio offers to enrich the narrative to the project’s realisation.

 Technical/ Construction Drawings

SterkStudio uses specialist CAD software to produce industry standard drawing packages for manufacture of single components to complex structures. The digital files, accurately capturing all geometric features and details of the elements, facilitate the execution of the most cost- and time-efficient analogue and digital fabrication (including CNC machining, 3D printing and laser cutting) and assembly processes.


SterkStudio operates under an ecological mindset and aims strongly for optimization in response to form-, cost- and environment related factors. It is critical for us to achieve the best outcome for each scheme. By utilizing a range of digital optimization techniques, we aim to rationalize geometry, advance structural performance and reduce fabrication costs of complex structures.